Perfect Back Strengthening Yoga Exercises

Perfect Back Strengthening Yoga ExercisesYoga back exercises can be used to strengthen and improve the health of your back. This makes it much easier to eliminate any pain that you simply experience. Yoga is a very popular exercise that you can use to strengthen your whole body. These exercises are extremely popular, because anyone can do them without the need for any special equipment. Yoga exercises may be used to improve the condition of your back while you are in your own home. You should be able to do these exercises if you have a few minutes to spare.

There are many yoga poses to strengthen back muscles which are sore or simply in need of some training. In case your weak back is causing pain, make sure to practice yoga poses slowly, and concentrate first on the stretching and loosening poses. Otherwise, take more time on the strengthening poses, but begin and finish with a good stretch and relaxation.


Lay down on your back on the floor and put your arms down from your sides. Start to turn the knees out slowly, but stop if this sounds like painful. Breathe in and out and just relax. A great way to reduce problems with tension and stress inside your back.


The locust is perhaps one of the best known yoga poses. Many of the easy and can be used to improve back conditions. Lie in your stomach and put your arms down from your sides with your palms facing downward. Bend your elbows slightly and point your fingers towards the feet. Now try to raise the legs off the floor, but be careful that you don’t cause yourself any pain. Contain the stretch for one second after which repeat 10 times. This is a strenuous exercise, and that’s why you should be careful not to go crazy.

Bending Forward

Another yoga pose that might help is to stand up straight and set your feet together. Relax your arms and hold them down upon your sides. Inhale and then lift up your arms so that they are over the very best of your head. When you exhale, attempt to bend forward to touch your toes. Be cautious when doing this, as it could result in a lot of pain. If you can’t quite reach your toes, you may also try touching your ankles or knees. Keep movements as smooth as you possibly can.

Palm Tree

Stand up straight together with your arms down by your sides. Lock your fingers together and switch your palms upwards. Place your palms on the top of your head then apply up slightly. Stretch upwards and increase onto your tiptoes if this is not painful. Hold this pose for Ten seconds. This pose can be difficult initially because it requires very good balance.

Legged Bow Pose

Another backbend that strengthens all of the muscles of the back is one-legged bow pose. We like this pose because it opens the whole front of the body. For more of challenging, try bow pose, which engages both legs.

Camel Pose

Besides as being a great stretch for the front of your body including these vulnerable to tightness hip flexors, camel pose strengthens your back too. This pose also improves your posture, making sitting at a desk all day long much easier to manage.