Best Tips For Foot Massage

Best Tips For Foot MassageThe foot is one of the least appreciated but many highly sensitive part in your partner’s body. It also sees probably the most abuse. How often do you wish someone would rub the feet after a long day? Giving your lover’s feet some attention is really a nurturing and naturally erotic move to make.foot massage, but there are many more ways to provide a good rub. Many of the techniques describe are utilized by professional massage therapists, only here the best emphasis makes them both relaxing and erotic.

Foot massage is dependant on foot reflexology, which is the process of applying pressure on certain points around the foot, called reflex points,Foot reflexology follows the idea that there are points on the foot contributing directly through the body towards the head, touching all major organs on the way. While foot massage is not designed to heal or cure illness like reflexology is, most of the benefits are still received. The advantage of a foot massage is to relax and pamper the recipient.


Stroking is a great way to begin a massage because it energizes the blood and gets the circulation going. Begin the top of the foot using your thumbs to move inside a slow, firm path in the toes to the ankles. Continue stroking together with your thumb back and forth five times between your ankle and the toes, holding firmly towards the bottom of the foot with your fingers. Lighten your strokes close to the toes since the skin is thinner and also the tendons more sensitive on the bottom.

Prepare And Relax

Before you begin off with massaging the feet, it’s highly important that you clean and dry feet. Immerse the feet in a foot bowl or bath full of warm water, diluted with some drops of bath salt, or lavender or peppermint oil, for about Ten minutes. Use a towel to dry them completely. Contact relaxing back in a reclining chair with lots of pillows, making the person comfortable and prepared for the foot massage.


Give the toes individual attention for an entire foot massage. Use your fingers and your thumb and gently rub in between each toe. Wiggle each toe after rubbing by keeping the toe and moving it backwards and forwards. Hold the toe by the base and gently provide a tug after wriggling.

Finger Walk

Contain the foot upright with one hand and walk your fingers within the bottom on the foot with. Start underneath the big toe and apply pressure together with your fingers horizontally underneath the toes. Visualize lines over the foot and move your fingers to another line and repeat the horizontal pressure. Shuttle across each line before you reach the end of the heel.